Most workers want to look for permanent positions within their industries, however that’s not always the case. For whatever reason many new recruits start off as temporary workers or “temps”. This can act as a great foot in the door for building professional relationships and signing a permanent contract with employers. Some may feel reluctant to sign on with a temp or recruitment agency, but there is actually a lot to gain. With more and more kiwis looking for work in the aftermath of the Covid19 pandemic, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss the benefits of starting as a temporary worker.

Benefits Of Starting As A Temp Worker In New Zealand

Below we list four benefits of working as a temp in the New Zealand workforce.

Work Experience

Work Experience

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that, no matter the job, you are gaining valuable work experience. Whether you’re working in a warehouse, factory, construction site, office, café or restaurant, the work you are required to do is work experience that can go directly onto your CV. Even if the work was only for a temporary period, you can still use this valuable knowledge and skills for your next employment – be it full time work or otherwise! Also, by staying on as temp, there is the possibility for gaining a much wider range of experience and skills which can make you an even more employable candidate.


Some people like variety and flexibility when they work. It may be because it goes best for an employee’s personality/work ethic or because a candidate wants to learn new skills and experience as mentioned in the first point. Regardless of the reason, being a temp worker gives you the flexibility between jobs. This helps build up that resume with much needed work experience in a variety of different roles and work projects. It also gives you some free time between jobs which can be used at your own leisure. Giving candidates the freedom to move between jobs when the work is finished means that temp workers can try out a variety of different positions before finding a job and potential career path that he or she wants to pursue.

Professional Working Relationships

Professional Relationships

Starting off or continuing to work as a temp worker is also super beneficial for building quality professional relationships with your employers or contractors. Though it may be temporary employment, you can still get your foot in the door and make lasting connections. It is not uncommon for many temporary work positions to become permanent opportunities with the company, especially if you make a good first impression with managers or employers. Even if it does not result in a job opportunity right after the work is finished, you can still apply for another position with the company when they are recruiting at a later date. In fact, they may even look more favorably on your applications compared to other candidates.

Learn What You're Good At

Discover What You’re Good At

Working as a temp will not only allow you to learn new skills, but discover what jobs you’re particularly good at. This is because, as mentioned, temp working give you the flexibility to work for multiple companies and for a variety of different positions and projects. Working in a variety of roles will increase the odds of discovering a job you both like and have a knack for. For example, while helping out on a construction site, a candidate might learn or assist in number of different tasks such as fabrication, drain laying, wiring, painting or brick laying to name a few. Because the candidate enjoy those tasks so much, they are more likely to apply for those job positions in the future. This helps better shape their career pathway and make better decisions about their professional future.

Want To Apply For A Temporary Positions?

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